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ZANTEX Resources Nigeria Limited, is a Professional Business Consulting firm, duly registered in Nigeria (RC number 1307431). We provide excellent Corporate Business Development support services for organizations within Nigeria, particularly in the Oil and Sector.

We are Business Development Experts in Oil & Gas

Having a large majority of our clientele from the Oil and Gas sector, we have vast experience in the Oil and Gas business. We have the expertise to assist both new and existing businesses in the Oil and Gas industry from the business analysis stage, to timely and effective system implementation.


We offer a full range of services to make the development of your business go as smooth as possible.

Tender Processing

We are equipped to handle the development, performance and maintenance of the tender process activities of an organization in order to attain maximum efficiency, quality service and profitability.

Procurement Services

Providing professional advice in procuring your supplies, materials, goods and services because of our knowledge of procurement services.

Budget Analysis

We assist with the examining and explaining of the components of budget expenditure and revenue…

Professional Advisory Services

We pride ourselves in our ability to make the work easier for our clients; Guaranteeing   a seamless transition into the business market for them.

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